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Courtesy of Do U Speak Green?

The team at Do U Speak Green? has a simple yet ambitious vision: to be the world's best eco-clothing brand, a particularly noteworthy goal in these times of fast fashion.

Author Anna Rees, 06.04.13

The team at Do U Speak Green? has a simple yet ambitious vision: to be the world’s best eco-clothing brand, a particularly noteworthy goal in these times of fast fashion. Previously relegated to the niche „hippie“ market, eco-fashion has moved beyond its (frankly, narrow-sighted) equasion with hessian sacks and dowdy hemp shirts that are four sizes too big to become a strong player on the global market – and companies such as Do U Speak Green? are leading this charge.

All garments that Do U Speak Green? produces must meet with stringent guidelines in order to be certified organic, with the company making heavy use of organic cotton and natural bamboo fibre in its clothing. The company’s practices and material selection has seen it pass inspection from independent, Swiss-base certification organisation SGS for its carbon footprint while adhering to the regulations set out by a number of other organic and fair trade organisations such as the Textile Exchange’s Global Organic Textile Standard.

Do U Speak Green? is the retail arm of Fusion Clothing Company which has been exporting knitwear to clients across the globe for 20 years. Aside from notching up a loyal customer base, Do U Speak Green? has accrued some rather gloat-worthy feathers in its (eco-friendly) cap including becoming the first Indian company to receive membership of the Association for Conservation in Switzerland.

“But what about the clothes?!” I hear you cry. The team has left no stone unturned in its quest to be eco-friendly and it’s safe to say they have applied the same principles to the overall design of their garments, combining quality tailoring with an ethical philosophy. Well-crafted t-shirts, wraps, capris and slacks all made from a blend of organic cotton and natural bamboo fibre and featuring a flattering cut are somewhat of a hallmark of Do U Speak Green?, with many items selling out almost as quickly as they are put on sale. The company has lines for men, women and children in a variety of sizes and their online store is guaranteed to help you lose an hour or two of your life – in a good way.

We are absolutely delighted to have Do U Speak Green? supporting our campaign for World Environment Day. Entrants into our campaign who currently live in India will go into the draw to win one of 10 organic cotton shirts from the company. Check here for all the details on how you can take part.

Head to Do U Speak Green?’s website to peruse their extensive catalogue of eco-friendly clothing.

Author: Anna Rees/ RESET editorial

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