Want Free Wifi? Throw Your Trash Into a Garbage Bin!

Don’t deny it. You probably would do anything for free wifi on the go, wouldn’t you? And if what you had to do to get it helped save the planet in the process, even better!

Author RESET , 07.14.14

Well, that’s just about what the aptly named ‘Wasted Bins’ dustbins used in the NH-7 Weekender Music festival do: throw your trash in the dustbin, and you are rewarded with free Wifi! Sponsors MTS, activation agency Brand movers, and technology supporter Thinkscream got together to create the magical MTS Wifi Dustbins, placed at strategic locations in the festival premises.

The Wifi bin gave free wifi access to anyone using it by flashing a code every time one throws garbage inside, and people could use the MTS 3G Plus wifi connection for free through the entire length of the festival. According to their stats, over 10,000 people used the dustbins, more than 200 GB of data was used up, and over 20 million people were reached via social media.

Here’s the Wifi Dustbin in action:

And implemented properly, this could just help keep our cities’ streets cleaner as well!

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