RESET is for all who want to invest their time, interest and money into a sustainable future. The RESET Team maintains the Platform in operation:

Image of Uta

Uta Mühleis Uta is the founder and Executive Manager of RESET. She studied environmental and development policy and has been working in the digital media since the mid 1990s. Since 2007, Uta has been developing the RESET concept and platform together with the RESET team.
Executive Management, supporting partners, Green Impact Finance

Image of Bodo

Bodo Kräter Bodo is the founder and consultant of RESET. Based on his extensive experience as a project manager for international companies, he efficiently budgets, manages and refinances environmental and developmental projects.
Founder, adviser, Green Impact Finance

Image of MarisaJ

Marisa Pettit A news blogger for RESET since 2013, I like reading and writing about innovations, projects and social movements that might make the world a better place. Born in London and living in Berlin, I like spring, swimming in lakes, and seeing green grass growing between the cracks in the pavement.
Managing editor English edition

Image of Elin

Elin Porten Elin studied Economics and Finance and has over 6 years of work experience in corporate finance, business strategy and communication. She became a part of RESET’s Social Impact Finance team in 2016, as she is committed to support young startups with an innovative social or green idea.
Consultant, Green Impact Finance

Image of sarah-indra

Indra Jungblut: Indra is born in Freiburg, the "ecological city" and studied Sociology and Communication and Media Sciences in Leipzig. She is currently taking care of the projects and has tips in all "green" sections. Everything concerning the livable city of the future - leaving aside grey landscapes of asphalt, traffic jam und social segregation, is of strong interest to her.
Managing editor German edition, coordination of donation projects

Image of Lydia Skrabania

Lydia Skrabania Lydia has a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Economics and a M.A. in Integrated Media. She worked as radio host and as university lecturer for a broadcasting seminar. As trained journalist, she’s writing about digital economy and green innovations since several years.

Image of Laura Wagener

Laura Wagener Laura studied political science and soon realized she wanted to express her interest in sustainability through the written word. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that she started to work as a freelance journalist and is now especially focusing on climate protection and green innovations. Since 2016 she is supporting the RESET newsblog.

Image of Hendrikk

Hendrik Kuck Bumped into in the summer of 2012 and immediately thought 'goood, i wanna code for that company!!!" He has been programming for 15 years (alongside a thousand other things), finally finding a home port at, giving him the feeling that he is putting his mental power towards something useful."

Image of tristan

Tristan Thönnissen Technologist & humanist. Tristan has been developing the technical structure of the RESET platform and assists in all technical matters.

Image of Mac

Mac Mueller Mac is specialized in dual search engine marketing and gets RESET to the sunny top of Google listings.

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Silke Krieg She’s got the look. Silke designs the RESET website and supervises all changes to ensure visual consistency.