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Farhan Akhtar Starts ‘MARD’ (Men Against Rape and Discrimination)

The word ‘Mard’ in Hindi means ‘man’. Actor Farhan Akhtar along with Bling and JWT Digital has created an upheaval in the world of social media by launching a campaign against rape and discrimination called Men Against Rape and Discrimination or MARD.  The social campaign aims to create awareness amongst men (especially youth) about the importance of gender equality and respect towards women. Read on


Creating a better India, one hour at a time

The renowned spiritualist and the founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar launched ‘Volunteer for a better India’ in Delhi earlier this month. The program aims to address the key issues which society is fighting today including illiteracy, corruption and addiction and encourages every Indian to give up one hour of their day to assist these causes. Read on