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Recycleye: Robotics and Image Recognition Team Up for Automated Trash Sorting

For many people, tossing garbage into the bin marks the end of their relationship with it. It has now become someone else's responsibility and - if it has not been disposed of properly - someone else’s problem.

Smarter Sorting: Artificial Intelligence Helps Stop Retail Waste at the Source

Smarter Sorting’s AI-powered platform wants to help drastically cut retail waste, diverting valuable products from landfill and back into recycling and reuse.

The Omni Processor: Turning Sewage Into Drinking Water in Senegal (and Beyond?)

Taking the idea of one man's trash being another man's treasure to new lengths, the "omni processor" plant takes literal human waste and turns it into valuable goods - including electricity and clean drinking water.

Is Waste-to-Energy Incineration a Real Solution for Southeast Asia’s Growing Garbage Pile?

While Japan presents a sustainability concept for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the country remains in a battle to manage its ever-growing trash mountain - with most of its waste destined for incineration. And other Southeast Asian countries are set to follow suit.

Vultures Circling in on Illegal Littering in Peru

Peru’s environment ministry has had enough of trash. Using cameras and GPS-equipped vultures, they’re taking to the skies to catch litterers at work.

SWaCH: United Waste Pickers Cleaning Up Pune

In some pockets of India, new sustainable alternatives are developing which could potentially revolutionise how waste is treated. One of which, SWaCH (Solid Waste Collection and Handling) is the country's first co-operative of self-employed waster collectors predominantly from low-income backgrounds.

Waste – not wealth – management!

First published on Caleidoscope. The issue of waste management in India is a much debated topic which needs no introduction. Everyday, large space is dedicated in the media to highlight the problems of urban waste. Politicians often use it as a talking point, while commoners make it a point to crib about it. Meanwhile, as tons of solid waste continues to pile up in the outskirts of cities, nothing seems to happen on finding a permanent solution to this everyday problem. It is hard to believe that a developing country like India which suffers from severe resource crunch in almost all natural resources, can afford to create such enormous piles of waste.

The Ugly Indian

A team of anonymous do-gooders are transforming the rubbish-laden areas of Bangalore in an effort to change attitudes about waste disposal and promote a sense of civic duty in all citizens.