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Thumbs Up! Do Good While Travelling with TeachSurfing

There are tonnes of good ideas that can change the world. Regular readers of RESET will already know of a few. Every month, we will choose one idea that stands out thanks to its impact and innovative approach. Our favourite project in July: TeachSurfing, a platform that helps travellers do some good during short stays. Read on

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RESET Special: Small Steps, Big Impact - Five Quick Tips for Climate-Friendly Living: Day 5

If we work together, we can put more time towards rubbish separation, seek fresh air in our cities or create new conservation areas. Want to know where to start? This week, we will be providing simple tips to start building a more climate-friendly life. Whether you're just getting started on the green path or you're a pro, there's tips for everyone. Today we look at gifts that give back. Read on


Creating a better India, one hour at a time

The renowned spiritualist and the founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar launched ‘Volunteer for a better India’ in Delhi earlier this month. The program aims to address the key issues which society is fighting today including illiteracy, corruption and addiction and encourages every Indian to give up one hour of their day to assist these causes. Read on


Curry Without Worry

One might be hard pressed to find an immediate answer to the question “What do San Francisco and Kathmandu have in common?” San Francisco sits in a bay and is surrounded water while landlocked Kathmandu is crested by the Himalayas. Read on

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Peace on earth = a piece of your time

For the more than two billion Christians across the world, today is the holiest of the holiest. Christmas Day, when people of Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Quaker and Seventh-day Adventist background celebrate the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ, wishing for peace and prosperity. Read on

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Giving can help people in need and save our earth. Collective, philantrophic spending is tiny compared to the power of government but it can bear risk. It can kick-start innovation or fund unpopular causes. It can also support voices yet unheard. There are various forms of giving, including cash, services, new or used goods like clothing, toys, food and vehicles as well as voluntary service. Read on