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UrbanTide: Digital Tools for Tackling the Crises of Expanding Urbanisation

To remedy urban issues data is needed. UrbanTide hopes to provide this to local councils and organisations in an easy to use AI package.

New Mineralisation Process Claims to Make Cement Cleaner and More Profitable at the Same Time

Cement is often the lifeblood or urbanisation, but it comes at a huge environmental cost. New research hopes to incentivise cleaner technologies by making cement more profitable.

Biomason: Can Bacteria-Built Cement Clean Up Construction?

Traditional cement is dirty, slow and unwieldy. A US-based startup hopes its new biocement can help change that.

Smart Cities: Efficient, Sustainable, Digitised Living

Our current global environment is undergoing significant changes that have never been experienced in the history of humanity. Coupled with an increase in rural to urban migration, the need to create sustainable communities and cities is more visible than ever before. We take a look at the notion of 'Smart Cities'.

Drones and Satellites for Good – How Many Drones Can a City Handle?

The day when drones become part of our daily lives seems to be awhile off. However, Amazon and the like are working fervently on this scenario. It is therefore time to ask: to what extent are we willing to accept drones as part of our urban surroundings? The project "Unter Drohnen" (Under Drones) takes a closer look at this question.

Following Expo 15, 46 Cities to Sign Urban Food Policy Pact

With Expo 15 coming to an end, host city Milan is advocating an international food policy protocol that seeks to promote food security and sustainable development objectives.

UN Puts Sustainable Urbanisation on the Map with World Cities Day

For the first time ever, the United Nations has declared 31 October ''World Cities Day'', recognising and highlighting the critical role that cities and smart urban planning have to play in sustainable development.

Event: Shaping the Urban Future

Tomorrow, the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) and Swissnex will host the fourth part in their ongoing "Shaping the Urban Future" lecture series.

Documenting Urbanisation Through a Global Lens

The travelling exhibition, People Building Better Cities: Participation and Inclusive Urbanization, will visit 10 countries over the course of the year aiming to promote dialogue on inclusive urbanisation and climate change.