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Kräuter Garten: a German Supermarket Grows its own Herbs

A supermarket in Berlin debuted the first in-store farming installation in Europe. The ‘Kräuter Garten’ (German for ‘herb garden’) is a futuristic vertical set-up which provides fresh and organic herbs to customers. The high-tech installation might be a peek into the future of urban agriculture.

Go Techie for Veggies

With World Kitchen Garden Day taking place this weekend, we take a look at some of the ways technology is helping kitchen gardeners worldwide cultivate a better homegrown crop.

Growing It Stealth-Style: Guerilla Gardening

One person’s neglected stretch of turf is another person’s lot for covert gardening.

Urban agriculture and the food security problem

The Hindu Business Line recently ran an article detailing how urban agriculture is a key means of addressing issues surrounding food security.

How To: Start Your Own Urban or Community Garden

From Berlin to Bangalore, backyard-deprived urban dwellers are using every spare inch of space to grow gardens on terraces and rooftops while others are pooling talents and resources to set up and manage community gardens.