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Used Diapers Show Promise as a Sustainable, Cheap Building Material

Scientists in Japan hope their innovative building material can provide affordable housing while cutting down on sand use and significantly reducing the number of diapers that end up in landfills.

Reviving Old Tyres to Create Green Rooves with Thermal Benefits

A Dutch company is using shredded rubber tyres and waste from artificial grass playing fields to build rooftop panels that naturally regulate building temperatures.

UN17: “The world’s most sustainable building project”

One of the world’s most innovative and ambitious construction projects is set to be built in Copenhagen: a housing development that implements every single one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Mimycri: From Greek Migrant Boats to Berlin Designer Bags

The social entrepreneurs behind mimycri are turning  migrants' broken and discarded rubber boats into designer bags and wallets - not only offering refugees meaningful jobs, but also helping to reduce plastic waste in the process.


Big Things From Small: The Frugal Digital Initiative

The legend of MacGyver lives on in Frugal Digital. The research team can turn a mobile phone, lunchbox and flashlight into a low cost projector to facilitate education. And they can recreate annoying alarm clocks into useful health screening devices.

DIY: Upcycled Kids’ Clothes

Kids outgrow their clothes faster than you can keep up with. But rather than stocking up on brand-new outfits that they'll grow out of in a few months, why not upcycle? Here are our top ten tips and tutorials to help you repurpose and renew.

Give Old Clothes New Life

In many parts of the world, second-hand or “vintage“ clothing is a style unto itself. Besides the fashion factor, recycling unwanted clothes has obvious benefits for the environment and there are a wide variety  of uses for secondhand garments.