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Getting Cash to Syrian Refugees in Jordan – the Eyes Have It

Banks in Jordan are using iris scan technology to help Syrian refugees access cash assistance provided by the UNHCR.

Web Platform Provides ‘Service Info’ to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

A web platform launched by the International Rescue Committee earlier this year looks to make it easier for Syrian refugees in Lebanon to find reliable aid and commercial services.

RESET Special: Refugee Aid 2.0 – Multimedia for Multiculturalism?

According to figures from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 51 million people are currently seeking asylum, have refugee status or are internally displaced. As a result of natural and humanitarian disasters, this nuber is growing.

The Iron Lady and Syria’s Chemical Weapons Status

Ms. Sigrid Kaag, a Dutch United Nations diplomat, has been responsible for overseeing the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons and so far, according to media, she has done the job like no one else could have.