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Power to the People: How Can Civic Tech Help Create a Local Energy Revolution?

Civic technology helps communities put power into their own hands - quite literally. New open source technologies can provide powerful tools to those looking to set up local renewable energy grids.


Village Data Analytics: Satellites Help Bring Solar Power to Rural Communities

Many rural off-grid communities would benefit hugely from being hooked up to a solar power system. But which areas are most suitable for solar power installation? And which are most in need? A new earth observation software is using artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to bring power to people more accurately, efficiently and faster than before.

Breakthrough in Thermoelectricity Generates Power Using the Cold of the Night Sky

The heat that reaches the Earth from space has long been used to generate electricity, but can the concept work in reverse?

Australian University Creates Ultra-Thin Solar Panels That Can Be Printed Like Newspapers

Cheaper and thinner solar power cells could lead to more affordable and more accessible renewable energy - for more people. But does it also bring new challenges?

The US Air Force’s Secretive Space Project Could Spell The Future of Solar Power on Earth

Beaming solar power from space to Earth has long been talked about in theory, but now the first steps are being taken towards making it a reality.

SolMate: Providing Portable Plug-In Solar Power to (Rented!) Apartments

Installing solar panels tends to be a big commitment, often requiring what amounts to a small-scale home makeover. But now a startup has developed a new system for renters and homeowners who want both green power and convenience.

Self-Healing Resin Reduces Solar Panel Pollution

Solar panel pollution is not something you often hear about, but one team is working to make clean power even cleaner.

The Floating Solar Panels Powering the Maldives

How do you power a tropical island with little land, but over 300 days of sun a year? The solution: putting photovoltaic systems out to sea.

Solar Power From Space? China Has Plans For an Orbiting Solar Farm

Chinese engineers hope to beam solar power all the way from space back to Earth - but is the plan feasible?