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Financial Anxiety Deepens Younger Generations’ Climate Change Concerns

Climate change is among several deep concerns Millennials and Gen Z have about the state of the world, and the growing inability to finance solutions is only making things worse.

New Smart Paint Could Help Visually Impaired People Move Around Cities Independently

A smart paint could soon be helping blind people navigate cities by sending vibrations to their canes at street crossings.It can be hard to make your way across the street in a busy city - constantly dodging cars, bikes and other pedestrians. What about for those who are visually-impaired?

Steven Depolo

Finding Your Dream Job When Luck Ain’t Counted

While writing this blog, I am also endeavouring to find a full-time job. Many of us don’t just want to find a random job, but a purposeful one that encompasses our passions, interests, and professional goals. Some people may say job hunting sometimes depends on luck and networking. To that, I say come on, we can’t always be passive if we want our dream job. It’s about a commitment to time and effort. An online tool gives you tips to get a job with purpose.