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New Smart Paint Could Help Visually Impaired People Move Around Cities Independently

A smart paint could soon be helping blind people navigate cities by sending vibrations to their canes at street crossings.It can be hard to make your way across the street in a busy city - constantly dodging cars, bikes and other pedestrians. What about for those who are visually-impaired?

Steven Depolo

Finding Your Dream Job When Luck Ain’t Counted

While writing this blog, I am also endeavouring to find a full-time job. Many of us don’t just want to find a random job, but a purposeful one that encompasses our passions, interests, and professional goals. Some people may say job hunting sometimes depends on luck and networking. To that, I say come on, we can’t always be passive if we want our dream job. It’s about a commitment to time and effort. An online tool gives you tips to get a job with purpose.