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Innovator’s Pitch: Startups Pit Their Wits at Berlin's Hub Conference

On the 22nd of November, Bitkom's fifth annual hub conference will be held in Berlin. This time, the event will focus on the topics of innovation, digitalisation, digital transformation and startups, with one section called the Innovator's Pitch highlighting the new business models that really show promise. Read on

Ron Mader

How B Corp Businesses Aim to Be the Best For The World

In a competitive world where companies need to stand out, some businesses want to stand out for one reason: doing good. The growing number of so-called B Corp businesses are showing us that using business to solve social and environmental problems is not just good for the world, but it is great for business too. Who are these B Corporations and what does it mean to be one? Read on

Are You the Next Ben & Jerry's?

Ben & Jerry's is once again searching for clever and fair business ideas that could change the world and will work with select teams to provide major support for their crowdfunding campaigns. Have we piqued your interest? Then register before 16 March 2015. Read on

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Sankalp Awards Expand To Africa

India’s most prestigious Social Entrepreneurship Awards, Sankalp Awards, were instituted to discover and bring to the spotlight leading social innovations for wide scale impact. The Awards have been designed to go beyond to address key issues faced by entrepreneurs and the great thing is their recent expansion to hold separate awards for Africa. Read on