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The Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics Is In: How Did The Top 17 Tech Companies Shape Up?

Greenpeace just released a report analysing the environmental impact of the world's leading tech brands. The result? Let's take a closer look.

Eye Phone: An Adapter Turns Smartphones into Optical Imaging Tools

Scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine have developed cost-effective and simple approaches that turn the humble smartphone into valuable medical tools for opthalmologists.

Peter Brantley

Smartphone Deals with “Climate Change” in Your Vegetable Warehouse

Small-scale vegetable growers often can only afford a traditional storage house, which has no remote temperature monitoring systems that manage cold storage of high-value crops. Good news recently came to farms in Vermont, USA: small-scale vegetable growers can now monitor storage conditions using their cellphones.

Smartphones Harvesting Positive Results for Farmers

Smartphones are revolutionising farming in India. The tiny gadgets, which were previously far too expensive for rural farmers, have opened up new avenues for obtaining information.