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'Tis The Season To Shop Till You Drop...But Could a Talking Bag Shame You Into Frugality?

Shopping is an act no longer driven by need, but a hobby, a tradition, an addiction, an obsession, even a citizen's duty in its own right. Whether the natural effect of the year-round marketing and advertising baths we are immersed in, or whether a particularly urgent pursuit at a time of the year when it is good to give - and to give one must buy first -  shopping is endemic to our all-embracing capitalist values. Yet the short-lived happy-hormones release it triggers in our brains is leaving behind a trail of personal debt and environmental blight. And this courageous little handbag is having none of it. Read on

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RESET Special: Small Steps, Big Impact - Five Quick Tips for Climate-Friendly Living: Day 1

If we work together, we can put more time towards rubbish separation, seek fresh air in our cities or create new conservation areas. Want to know where to start? This week, we will be providing simple tips to start building a more climate-friendly life. Whether you're just getting started on the green path or you're a pro, there's tips for everyone. Today we look at green apps. Let's go! Read on

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1 x Weekend Shopping = 4 Hand Grenades

Value Added Tax or Goods and Services Tax is often added on to the price of consumer products deemed non-essential. When buying our cosmetics, clothes and snackfoods many of us might not be aware of exactly where our money (and our taxes) ends up, particularly, that some of it goes towards funding the weapons industry. Read on

Shop for a Cause: Better Buying, Just Around the Corner

Goodwill and charity come with expiry dates. And NGOs recognize this more than anybody else in their quest to be self-sustainable. Non-profits increasingly have started to think about depending lesser and lesser on the traditional donation model, through offering products and services that can bring in some revenue. Read on

Shopping in Good Conscience

The team behind myGREENkart has scoured the land to make shopping for ethically-made, non-toxic products ridiculously simple, offering a range of organic, sustainable goods via their online portal Read on