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 Kwita Izina (Rwanda's Gorilla Naming Ceremony)

Why Are Rwanda's Gorilla Conservationists Busy Thinking Up Baby Names?

Last month, Rwanda’s Development Board hosted an event called Kwita Izina, a traditional Rwandese naming ceremony for newborns. But there was something very un-traditional about the babies being celebrated. The country was honouring its gorilla population rather than its human one, the result of a success story that has seen numbers of the endangered species rising year on year. Read on

The Winner of Ms. Geek 2014 is...Mobile Cow!

Ms. Geek Rwanda is a competition for women in Rwanda who have put their knowledge and skills in the field of ICTs towards innovative ideas. The winning project, Mobile Cow, is a mobile app that allows farmers to monitor the oestrus cycles of cows. Read on