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Racoon: The Digital Recycling Bin That Separates Your Waste and Hands Out Rewards

Around a quarter of waste entered into recycling bins is actually non-recyclable. A new camera-equipped rubbish bin hopes to clean up the industry and show consumers where they are going wrong.

Whirli: The Toy Subscription Service Looking to Clean Up Playtime

By enabling people to borrow - instead of buy - toys, an online platform hopes to de-clutter homes and protect the environment at the same time.


Still Doing Your Recycling All Wrong? This Bot Wants to Hear From You

Plastic goes in the yellow one, paper in the blue and glass in the green. But how can you be sure you're actually doing it right? Ecoembes, a Spanish waste management company, has created a chatbot to help solve those doubts.

Precious Plastic: DIY Plastic Recycling Hacks and Open Source Information For Everyone Who Want to Fight Plastic Pollution

As little as eight per cent of the world’s plastic is recycled, despite it being one of the most valuable and non-renewable resources we have. Wouldn't it be great if we could do something about it ourselves?

A Fresh Start for Discarded Chewing Gum: Turn It Into Coffee Cups, Boots, Cutlery and More

Chewed out the last drop of minty goodness from your gum? Well, don't spit it out, recycle it instead.

Beijing: Recycle and Get a Free Subway Ride

Beijing city officials hope to improve the image of the city while rewarding those who recycle.