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New Forensic Tools Can Spot Illegally Traded Exotic Birds with a Single Feather

Animals which are critically endangered in the wild, are becoming increasingly common sights in pet markets around the world. New tools may help the authorities separate the captive-bred from those snatched from the wild.

The GPS-Equipped Decoys Looking to Expose the Illegal Trade of Turtle Eggs

The illegal sale of turtle eggs can be big business for traffickers in some parts of the world. Now undercover "decoy" eggs are looking to infiltrate the market - and help protect the endangered species.

A DNA Barcode Scanner Helps Tackle Illegal Wildlife Trade

Startup Conservation X Labs is developing a DNA scanner to help those on the front lines of conservation identify endangered species and tackle the illegal trafficking of wildlife.

How Satellite Collars for Elephants Are Helping Tanzanian Rangers Get a Technological Edge Over Poachers

A new satellite collaring initiative aims to bolster the dwindling elephant numbers in Tanzania’s national game reserves.

Star Spotting Technology Is Being Brought Back to Earth To Help Save Endangered Species

Technology that was originally developed for finding and identifying stars billions of miles away is now being put to use a little closer to home.

Can 3D Printing Save Sea Turtles?

Thanks to 3D printed turtle eggs with GPS trackers, researchers can follow the trafficking routes of poachers who steal eggs from turtle nests.

PAWS: Artificial Intelligence Helps Patrollers Hunt for Poachers

Computer scientists from the University of Southern California (USC) developed an artificial intelligence tool that helps prevent poaching by predicting where it is likely to happen and suggesting patrolling routes.