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Well Bread: How a Loaf Is Building a Healthier, Fairer Food System

A grassroots community is using one key ingredient to help improve the diets of local residents, stimulate local economies and create fair trade deals between farmer and retailer: bread! Take a look at how the Bread Matters team is going against the grain to revolutionise the food system.

India’s School Lunch Programme: going a long way in improving child nutrition

India’s School Lunch Programme (SLP) is the largest such project in the world with 140 million children being fed in government affiliated institutions every day. The programme was started up as a flawed government initiative during the 1960’s but was often unsuccesful in targeting malnourished children in the poorest segments of society.

Food security index: India comes in at 66

India has been ranked 66th out of a list 105 countries on the recently released 2012 Global Food Security Index.