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Can Cows Predict Earthquakes? Animal Observation Could Serve as an Early Warning System

A new research project is looking into whether there's scientific truth behind a long-held, but as yet untested, belief - that animals are able to sense imminent earthquakes. These new insights might be able to help us predict earthquakes in the future, set up early warning systems and ultimately limit their damage.

Pouncer: The World’s First Incredible, Edible Drone

Forget Foodora and Deliveroo, the most important invention revolutionising food delivery is actually a drone; one that’s good enough to eat.

Natural disasters in Asia result in fewer deaths but higher economic loss

A report released by the United Nations agency for disaster reduction (UNISDR) and the Louvain University Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) has shown that natural disasters are causing fewer deaths in Asia but are affecting the lives of more people.

Superstorms and the links to climate change

Four of the five most financially destructive US storms have occurred within the past seven years. As the US and Caribbean nations labour through the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy, little has been said about the links between natural disasters and climate change.