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RESET Lost in Space? As If!

As we sit at our computers each day and plug in information, via, into the endless chasm that is the World Wide Web, we sometimes ask ourselves why we do it and who's listening. And then things like this happen: not only did an events company recently donate a large sum of money to RESET, they also put an end to their working relationship with Monsanto. How did it happen? Read on


The Privatisation of Seeds

Year in and year out farmers are losing the seeds from their own plants, and are forced to purchase them anew from seed providers. Monsanto has monopolized the seed market which has significantly limited the variety of plants available on the market. The consequences of which have had fatal effects on both our environment, and the farmers that harness crops from it. Read on

Take to the Streets and March Against Monsanto

This Saturday 25 May is the global day of action against Monsanto. In cities across the globe, people will take to the streets as part of the "March Against Monsanto" campaign, vocalising their opposition to the practices of the food-engineering conglomerate and demonstrating support for an open, multi-player agricultural industry. Read on

Grow It Where You Live - Seeds in a Globalised World

Seeds, worldwide, are the basic material for food production. This basis is threatened by international seed companies which pressure the sector with the aim of privatising and monopolising it. More and more severe regulations affect the exchange of seeds or results in them being given away for free. Read on