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“How can we create business that is not based on greed?” – Interview with Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and father of microfinance, Muhammad Yunus, talks to RESET about social business, radical system change, and how the spirit of entrepreneurship that lies within all of us should be harnessed to tackle the planet’s most pressing challenges.

Humaniq, a Cryptocurrency for the World’s 2.5 Billion Unbanked

Billions of people around the world are excluded from conventional banking systems. One UK-based fintech startup believes it has come up with a solution - a new, alternative kind of financial infrastructure that’s available to anyone who owns a smartphone with an in-built camera - that connects them to the global economy and all the opportunities that it offers.

Zero-interest Micro-loans Organisation Is Helping Entrepreneurs Worldwide Achieve Their Dreams

Entrepreneurs everywhere will experience the frustrating issue of poor or no access to finance. For entrepreneurs in developing countries, the issue poses a huge barrier not just to their chances for individual development, but to those of entire communities and regions.