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Can Zapping Cow Dung with Lightning Clean Up the Livestock Industry?

Livestock farming is starting to cause serious beef with the climate. Now a new approach uses plasma lightning to clean up cow dung and sully, both for the environment and the human nose.

Bluefield: Using Satellites to Detect Methane Leaks From Space

Leaks in natural gas pipelines often cause methane to escape undetected into the atmosphere, where it fuels climate change. Bluefield is using satellites and optical sensors to detect these leaks from space.

The Curious Case of KivuWatt: Can Natural Gas Extraction Save Lives?

Lake Kivu has such a high content of gas at the bottom of its waters that an explosion threatens the millions of people living around the lake. A methane extraction platform pumps the gas out, reducing the risk of eruption while also providing energy to the locals.