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Fernando Garcia

Bugging Bogotá: How The Internet Of Things Is Helping Ease Traffic Jams in South America

You've probably heard of the Internet of Things - the way in which physical objects, interconnected through a digital network can receive and exchange data - even if you're not quite sure how it works. A new urban mobility programme rolled out in this year in Bogotá is a perfect example of the power of this kind of technology - even if its implementation remains controversial. Read on

 Brad Higham

Worldwide Crop-mapping Tool Targets Rural Development

Cropland accounts for nearly 12 percent of the planet’s ice-free land surface. In our age of broad data coming from satellite remote sensing, aerial photos or spatial information for crop growing locations helps improve spatial understanding of crop production systems for climate change impact monitoring and rural development. Read on


Tracking Forest Landscape Transformation in Latin America

Measuring the loss of evergreen forest cover in protected areas as well as deforestation in forest- rich countries such as those in Latin America has played a crucial role in climate change mitigation. How can forest cover change be measured? The use of nearly real-time remote sensing is an effective tool for detecting shifts in forest canopies and identifying protection levels. Read on