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Building India Sustainably

India requires a shift of attention towards responsible development. More corporate social responsibility measures are required in proportion to the rate at which India's economy and cities are expanding. Building energy efficient homes is one big focus which can significantly contribute to sustainable development and growth. A new national building code is being ushered in and this is the right time to attach a sustainability clause which requires all citizens to build buildings responsibly and sustainably. Read on

Cauvery River Water Dispute

The water conflict issue between states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry is due to the River Cauvery, which is regarded as one of the best regulated rivers of India. Almost 90 percent of the flow is utilised for the irrigation of one million hectares of agricultural land as well as generating electricity which helps the states to generate revenue and provide wealth and prosperity to its entire basin area. Read on

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Carbon Capture Storage Technology and India

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), or carbon sequestration, is a means of separating out carbon dioxide when burning fossil fuels, collecting it and subsequently “dumping” it underground or in the sea. CCS is an integrated concept which consists of three components comprising of CO2 capture, transport and storage (which also includes measurement, monitoring and verification). Read on