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Bluefield: Using Satellites to Detect Methane Leaks From Space

Leaks in natural gas pipelines often cause methane to escape undetected into the atmosphere, where it fuels climate change. Bluefield is using satellites and optical sensors to detect these leaks from space.

A Dietary Supplement Makes Cow Burps More Climate-Friendly

A compound could help reduce agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the methane content of cow belches.

Drones and Satellites for Good – Satellites Show the Strain of CO2 on the Planet

Since the 1970s, researchers have been using satellites to track the planet's weather and climate indicators, using the data to visualise phenomena like melting sea ice and ocean acidification. Now, scientists have realised that the speed of satellites is indicative of CO2 levels.

Karol Franks

Clean, Green and Safe Food Carts Will Appear in NYC

There are about 5,000 permitted food carts in New York City. Although people claim they are the backbone of the city, and as much of an urban icon as convenient stores in Asian cities, they are contributing to city pollution. Next year, 500 solar-powered food carts will fill the streets of the concrete jungle.

Climate Change

For millions of years, the global climate has fluctuated. However, the trajectory of climate change is being drastically altered by humanity. Our accelerated economic development is having a serious impact on the world's climate.