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The 15-Minute city: A Sustainable and Accessible Urban Future

How can we leverage technology to create more sustainable and accessible urban spaces? Perhaps 15 minute cities are the answer.

Trees and the City: Treepedia Maps Tree Cover in Cities

Trees don't just make our cities more beautiful, they act as natural air-pollution filters, cool urban temperatures, reduce noise and smell, and attract birds: thanks to trees, our ever more congested cities can be much more pleasant places in which to live. How are world cities doing when it comes to trees? What are the cities with the highest tree density? Treepedia tell us just that.

Treehouses Reinvented: and Not Just for Kids

Can architecture, urbanism and nature work together to deliver environmental sustainability, greater quality of life for communities, as well as aestethically pleasing cityscapes? This visionary project is showing us just how this is possible.