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In Ghana, a New App is Striving to Save Fishermen’s Livelihoods

For years, Ghana’s lively fishing culture has been floundering. Nearly 10% of the country depends on the fishing industry, but illegal activity along the coast is ravaging wild fish populations. Now, a new app called DASE is tilting power back in favour of small-scale fishers and their communities by allowing them to easily report infractions at sea. Read on

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This Bike Is Going the Extra Mile for Education

Bicycles are back. Ok they never went away, but riding a bike has never been so cool, with bike models designed to meet a growing range of needs and tastes increasingly on the market. Any respectable city will boast cool cycle-shops, and hip bike-riders to match. Some bikes, however, just go the extra mile like those from Vélosophy that help support girls education. Read on

Mining in Ghana: Where My Money Dey?

In Ghana, the people who control the mines must give three percent of their income to local authorities or the community. Unfortunately, this occurs only on very rare occasions, if at all, due in part to the fact that the process is not monitored regulated. All this could change with "Where my money dey?" Read on