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Recycled Plastics: Social and Environmental Benefits Right From the Source

There are an estimated 30 million waste pickers globally, trying to make a living in very harsh conditions, ultimately providing an important waste management service for very little in return. How can their work be more fairly valued so that it can continue to bring both environmental and social benefits to all? This social enterprise has been working it out. Read on

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RESET Special: Small Steps, Big Impact - Five Quick Tips for Climate-Friendly Living: Day 5

If we work together, we can put more time towards rubbish separation, seek fresh air in our cities or create new conservation areas. Want to know where to start? This week, we will be providing simple tips to start building a more climate-friendly life. Whether you're just getting started on the green path or you're a pro, there's tips for everyone. Today we look at gifts that give back. Read on

Fair Trade, with a Lot of Soul

With one eye cast firmly on delivering quality products under fair trade conditions and another cast upon growing the fair trade market in a globalised world, The Soul of India is proving that fair trade can work both in theory and in practice. Read on

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What is Fairtrade?

You have seen the Fairtrade label on products in the supermarkets but do you actually know what this label means? It is important that you (as the consumer) educate yourself on the topic of fair trade and understand why your support through the purchase of fair trade products is so important. Read on