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Tip Me’s Digital Tipping Solution Lets You Tip the Workers Who Made Your Clothes

What if you could show your gratitude and appreciation to the people who made your favourite products, in the same way you might tip the staff at a favourite restaurant? With tip me, now you can.

Don’t Want to Entrust an “Evil” Bank With Your Money? Tomorrow Offers an Alternative

The financial world isn't exactly renowned for its social conscience and environmental sustainability. For those who don't want their money to be in a bank that dabbles in food speculation and invests in the arms industry, there haven't been many options out there. But now there's a new player on the field.

Going Shopping? Make Sure You DoneGood

The recently launched DoneGood browser extension and app makes it mind-bogglingly easy to shop online for products made under fair, ethical and sustainable conditions.

The RESET App Check: Apps That Assist Sustainable Consumption

Over the last few weeks, we have tested apps that promise easy, quick help when it comes to conscious consumption. Here are our results and tips.

The RESET App Check: Does GoodGuide Make Green Shopping Easier?

Making ethical and sustainable decisions when we shop can be difficult. You're in the supermarket aisle and reach for a bottle of shampoo, asking yourself, has this product been made under fair labour conditions? Were the ingredients sustainably sourced and could any of them be harmful to health?

Proof of Concept: the Buy One, Give One Model

The idea of donating a product to someone in need for every product that a company sells has become a popular form of social enterprise over the past decade. But is it effective?