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Renewable Energy Policy in a Developing Country: Colombia Case Study

The depletion of traditional energy sources has placed the need to find alternative energy sources on the agenda for many countries around the world. Countries like Colombia, which show great potential in the development of renewable energy technologies still have a long way to go due to their current conditions and the lack of a strong system of policies and regulations. Read on


Air Pollution

The term “air pollution” conjures up a broad array of images – from hazy smog to acid rain and buildings stained from exhaust fumes. Equally broad are its causes and negative effects on human and environmental health. In fact, the vast majority the world’s population is adversely affected by air pollution, perhaps without even realizing it. The good news is, since most air pollution is caused by human activity, it's a problem that all of us can do something about. Read on

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Solar Not So “Clean”

It is assumed that there are "zero" emissions from the solar energy and it is therefore taken as somewhat of a given that solar is environment friendly and that generating electricity from solar energy doesn’t have any direct environmental effects. Yet somehow, the effects cannot be totally nullified. Read on