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Predictive Software Tracks Endangered Bears By Understanding How and When They Move.

Tracking Italy's mysterious Marsican bear with radio transmitters poses many challenges. But new software can predict where they with the minimum of data.

Of Algae and Algorithms: Shark Tracking in the 21st Century

From pulse-emitting fishing hooks to YouTube to replicating technology used in the Hubble Telescope, there is a gaggle of online and technological resources being put to use in shark conservation.

Creating tomorrow’s wildlife activists

Getting kids involved in wildlife protection can provide the foundation for educating them about environmental sustainability.

New efforts to save India’s critically endangered species

Three of India’s endangered species have been targeted by the Save Our Species (SOS) campaign, a global coalition initiated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Global Environment Facility and the World Bank. The targeted species are: the white-bellied heron, the Gangetic dolphin and the river terrapin.

Save the Tiger

In the past few months, India’s attention has once more been focused on the plight of its critically endangered tiger populations.