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Elektronik: Besser mieten statt kaufen

Electronics: Better to Rent Than Buy

Commown rents out ecological and modular smartphones, headphones, laptops and computers via a digital platform. The cooperative aims to make the consumption of electronics more sustainable and responsible.

Urban Mining?: Researchers Find Way to Vaporise E-waste Down to Its Precious Metals

Researchers have extracted precious metals from e-waste in a way that's better for the environment fights one of the fastest-growing hazards to our climate and health.


Cracked It: Award-Winning Phone Repairs by Young Ex-Offenders

Training young people to fix smartphones and escape gang life? In London, a social enterprise is doing just that.

Lovefonebox: the Second Calling of Red Telephone Boxes

A British phone repair company is setting up tiny shops in London’s iconic red telephone booths. This could encourage people to try to fix their smartphones before buying new ones.

EcoGuide IT: the Electronics Buyer’s Guide for Environmentalists

EcoGuide IT contains assessments on the sustainable and technical performance of thousands of IT products. The interactive platform allows consumers to easily compare options in order to make an informed decision when purchasing electronics.

Repair Cafés: Fixing Appliances for Free

It often times works out cheaper and less arduous to discard a broken electronic and buy a new one than it does to get the old gadget fixed at the local repair shop in Europe or in most developed countries.