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Solar panels

The Perovskite Revolution: A Breakthrough in Solar Cell Technology

Solar panels rely on scarce materials. What if there was an eco-friendly solution? Perovskite tandem solar cells can be synthesised without the need for mining, unlike silicon.

AI-Powered Smart Sockets Take Aim at Energy-Inefficient Office Space

Commercial buildings have high energy demands, but also long periods of inactivity. New smart sockets can automatically manage power to boost energy savings.

Thermoelectric Breakthrough Wants to Turn Hot Industrial Pipes into Power Generators

Flexible and efficient thermoelectric generators could be molded to a wide range of different heat emitting industrial processes.

Plantalámparas: How Peruvian Scientists Are Plugging Into Pure Plant Power

A team of Peruvian scientists have come up with a genius invention that harnesses the natural power of plants, tapping the energy found in the soil to create sustainably-powered lamps for people living off-grid.