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The New Super Porous Sponge Material Looking to Make Hydrogen Cars Cheaper and Safer

Hydrogen vehicles come with major pros and cons. One of their biggest downsides is that they require expensive fuel tanks. A new material looks to change that.

Cummins / Business Wire

Aeos: an Electric Truck for Heavy Goods on Short Trips

A US motor manufacture has just unveiled its first ever electrically powered articulated lorry. It won't be covering long distances any time soon, but it's a step in the right direction for the cargo industry.

Vehicle-to-Grid: Using Electric Cars To Store Renewable Energy

Electric cars that aren't currently on the move could be used to help stabilise energy grids, make electricity from renewable energy sources more viable and generate extra income for EV owners. That's the goal of the Munich-based company The Mobility House and their smart Vehicle-to-Grid technology.


TIMES Pieces: PlugSurfing – Electric Car Charging Made Easy

What will it take for electric cars to go from niche to norm? A wide network of easily accessible and user-friendly charging stations is something which might encourage people to make the switch - and the app PlugSurfing is here to help.