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Solutions Instead of Apocalypse – Donate to RESET Now!

There are only seven years left to curb the climate catastrophe. Seven valuable years to bring smart solutions forward. That's exactly what we're doing with RESET - and you can support us!


RESET Recommends 2020: 10 Hand-Picked Fundraising Projects With Real Impact

Looking for a meaningful Christmas gift with meaning or just want to do some good at the end of a difficult year? Here are RESET's recommendations for 10 the best fundraising projects around - with full marks for innovation, impact and integrity.

What’s the Best Way to Do Good? Effective Altruism Explained

Ever heard the term "effective altruism"? No? Yes, but still not sure what it means? Our latest Knowledge article takes a look at what the EA movement is all about and why it's attracting more and more followers around the world.

GiveTrack: Tracking Your Charity Donations on the Blockchain

The nonprofit BitGive is developing a platform that allows you to make donations in bitcoin and trace your money all the way from your wallet to the charity project.

Proof of Concept: Rounding Up for Charity

Donating when you shop is the new black: how the process of rounding up shopping bills to the nearest round sum is looking to turn all shoppers into charitable givers, one micro-donation at a time. But does it work?