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Drones and Satellites for Good - Satellites Predict Patterns of Disease

Nighttime lights reveal a lot about us: where we live, how many of us live in one spot and now where serious illnesses are most likely to occur and break out. Namely, there is a large connection between migrating people, brightly-lit cities and seasonal outbreaks of the measles. As part of our RESET Special 'Drones and Satellites for Good', we take a look at how serious diseases can be detected using satellite imagery. Read on


Solar for Clean Water

Clean water is essential for life. The importance of a clean drop of water can be realised on a trip to a village in Rajasthan or a town in sub-saharan Africa. On the other hand, water is taken for granted in most of the developed countries whereas in a developing country, finding access to safe drinking water can be a great hassle. Read on