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Project Gives Indonesian Farmers Digital Tools to Predict the Weather – and the Confidence to Use Them

Traditional methods of predicting rain are being affected by climate change, but encouraging farmers to adopt modern tools is not aways straightforward.

UrbanSky: Can Cheap Balloon-Based Images Help Disaster Relief and Civil Society?

A US startup hopes its 'mircoballoon' platform can provide aerial photography to a new host of users, including charities, farmers and rescuers.


Can Cows Predict Earthquakes? Animal Observation Could Serve as an Early Warning System

A new research project is looking into whether there's scientific truth behind a long-held, but as yet untested, belief - that animals are able to sense imminent earthquakes. These new insights might be able to help us predict earthquakes in the future, set up early warning systems and ultimately limit their damage.

BoxPower: Solar Energy for Off-Grid and Disaster-Hit Regions

A US startup has developed a portable solar system for remote, offgrid areas. Transportable and packed into a freight container, it can also offer power quickly and easily to disaster-hit regions where infrastructure is scarce.

Pouncer: The World’s First Incredible, Edible Drone

Forget Foodora and Deliveroo, the most important invention revolutionising food delivery is actually a drone; one that’s good enough to eat.

MapAction: Mapping the Way from Chaos to Order

Can maps save lives? They can certainly help – when a disaster strikes, the MapAction team synthesises incoming information from numerous sources into maps that can be used by people on the ground. This allows relief operations to run more smoothly and effectively.

Call for Submissions: UAE Drones for Good Award

Are you active in the area of using drones for sustainable development or have an idea for how drones could address an environmnetal or humanitarian issue? Take part in next year's UAE Drones for Good Award.

Drones and Satellites for Good – How Mini-Helicopters Could Aid Disaster Relief

In the event of a disaster, being able to communicate over long and short distances is key. Damage to cables and other communications infrastructure can sometimes hinder this process. We take a look at how drones can reestablish radio networks in the aftermath of a disaster.