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Ancient Earth Roofing Technique Provides Sustainable Housing in Sub-Saharan Regions

An ancient construction method is providing affordable and sustainable housing to people in sub-Saharan regions. Its resurgence has the potential to not just help those lacking resources to build themselves a decent and affordable home, but thanks to new skills and training, it's also giving them a path out of poverty. Read on


New E-commerce Platform Offers A One-Stop-Shop for Aid and Emergency-Relief Supplies

For development practitioners in the field, one great challenge is finding suitable and timely emergency aid supplies that they can then dispatch to the areas of need. E-commerce platform the Level Market is addressing the issue head-on, thus helping aid organisations focus more of their time on delivering emergency supplies, rather than searching for them. Read on

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The Power of Smiling

A smile. Such a taken-for-granted display of emotion. Yet for millions of children in developing countries suffering from untreated cleft lip or palate, a smile is no ordinary thing. The condition impacts not just their smiling, but their eating, breathing and speaking. Cleft lip or palate is not just a health issue, it also carries a lot of stigma and can have serious economic consequences. Read on

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Do Agric, It Pays! African Youth Voices Heard in Digital AU Summit

Did you know that 2014 is the African Union (AU) Year of Agriculture? About 11 years ago, 54 African States committed to invest at least 10 percent of national budgets in agriculture. What’s happening nowadays? Africa still has more than 240 million people suffering from malnutrition and only eight from 54 countries have committed to the 2003 agreed investment. Read on