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From Ashes to Hope: Rebuilding Gaza with Greencake

How do you set about mending the destruction caused by years of conflict and rebuilding your home, neighbourhood or city, when political instability make it impossible to get hold of the necessary resources? Two Gazan women set about doing just that, and have come up with a durable and affordable building block made out of waste materials: Greencake. Read on

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How Facebook's Community Help Could Ensure Users Stay Safe and Help Them Do Good

Currently the most-visited social media site in the world, Facebook seems unrivalled in its ability to influence and mobilise society. And while too much power can be a dangerous thing, harnessing it for good can have huge positive affects in today's world. This month saw the first trials of Facebook's latest tool for social good, a new feature they're calling Community Help. Read on

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Not a Lost CAUSE: The Organisations Tackling The Digital Arms War

Private companies are developing and selling surveillance systems to countries around the world, often with little thought about the consequences of their international exports. A global coalition has been formed, calling on them to take responsibility for their actions, and ensure that their technologies aren’t being used to facilitate human rights abuses on the other side of the world. Read on

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From Trauma to Thriving, Via Healing Souls

In war-ravaged countries, and in those with high levels of poverty, mental health is massively under-resourced, leaving many vulnerable people suffering from the effects of trauma unable to cope and to turn a new page. Although not so media-worthy, the scale of the problem can be overwhelming, but this social enterprise has been using a 'buy one give one' approach to deal with this head-on. Read on

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Out In The Open and For All to See: Where Environmental Issues Are Causing Social Conflicts

As communities the world over struggle to protect their natural resources, and the livelihoods that are inextricably linked to these, extraction activities and large-scale 'development' projects designed to fuel the global economy continue to inflict a heavy environmental and social toll on some of the most marginalised populations. Read on

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Drones and Satellites For Good - Keeping the Peace

In February of this year, the UN released a report calling for an upgrade in the technological tools deployed by peacekeeping forces. More specifically, they advocated an increase in the use of drones in humanitarian efforts, highlighting their ability to monitor and curb outbreaks of violence, and to gather information about the situation within conflict zones. Read on