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How Liquid Trees Could Help to Clean Up Our Urban Jungles

It might be desirable to live in the leafy suburbs, but for urban dwellers, green spaces may be few and far between. Microalgae liquid trees might provide an alternative.

Satellite Technology Expose World’s Methane Leaks at COP27

Bloomberg has teamed up with an emissions monitoring organisation to expose the extent of methane leaks across the globe.

The Global Coal Exit List: The Digital Database Encouraging Impact Divestment

A German NGO is tackling the fossil fuels problem at the source - with the "Global Coal Exit List", an invaluable digital database that encourages influential investors to stop supporting the coal industry.

RecyCoal: an All-In-One Solution For the Health, Environmental and Financial Burden of Solid Fuel Burning

A quarter of the world’s population uses coal or wood for cooking and heating inside their homes - with dire consequences for their health. RecyCoal has a solution.

Great Barrier Reef in Danger Due to Crony Capitalism

India’s power giant, the Adani group, is planning on building a port and a major shipping lane near the world’s largest oceanic ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef.