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Utilising Waste Heat From Data Centres: How Our Browser Activity Could Soon Be Used to Heat Our Buildings

Data centres consume huge amounts of energy – and generate plenty of heat in the process. In Sweden, thousands of households are already heated with server heat. Could this be a potential source of clean energy?

Pavegen: Generate Clean Electricity While Taking a Stroll

The flooring of the future: introducing a high tech pavement tile that generates electricity and data from every step.

Alex Mitchell

Lisbon Web Summit’s Final Call to Tech Innovators: Help Solve the Climate Crisis

At Web Summit, journalists, activists and innovators gathered to start a conversation about how they might hold the key to solving the climate crisis.

Time to Talk: Energy Ministers Meet in Delhi

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will inaugurate the fourth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in Delhi today; the event brings together energy ministers and high-level delegates from 23 countries. On the agenda is how the world’s leading economies can achieve the CEM’s overarching goal: accelerate the transition to a global clean energy economy.