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Smarter Sorting: Artificial Intelligence Helps Stop Retail Waste at the Source

Smarter Sorting’s AI-powered platform wants to help drastically cut retail waste, diverting valuable products from landfill and back into recycling and reuse.


Orange Fiber: Sustainable Fashion Made of Orange Peel

Every year, Italy's citrus fruit industry produces 700,000 tons of waste. Two ecopreneurs have tapped into the potential of that organic waste - and are turning it into high-quality fabric.

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Meet Noah, the World’s First Recyclable Car

Powered by electricity, completely recyclable and made from renewable materials - does this sound like a car to you? Absolutely. Say hello to "Noah".

Berlin’s CRCLR: a Circular Building for the Circular Economy

Berlin's CRCLR house is the city's first-ever centre for the circular economy.

Sulapac’s Wood-Based Packaging Scoops the Green Alley Award

Sulapac offers a new waste-free, recyclable and biodegradable solution to what was previously only possible with plastics.


The Circular Economy Goes Digital

The "circular economy" doesn't just mean recycling. It aims to fundamentally reduce the amount of waste we produce and potentially create a zero-waste society. With the ever increasing digitisation of our daily lives, we now have more opportunities than ever to keep waste levels low.

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The Circular Economy as a Key Tool for Tackling Global Challenges

Earlier this month, leaders from 20 major countries met at the G20 Summit in Germany to discuss the biggest challenges of our time. But in the end, no far-reaching or pioneering solutions were brought to the table. But there's certainly no shortage of ideas out there - like, for example, the concept of the circular economy.

Peat? Please!

A Swiss company developed a peat substitute made of corn straw. The resulting substrate can be used for gardening and landscaping, meaning that peat can remain in the ground where it serves as a precious habitat to biodiversity and an important carbon sink.

What Goes Around Comes Around: Ellen MacArthur Foundation Launches the Circular Cities Network

When Ellen MacArthur set out to live her life-long dream, sailing solo around the world, she knew the journey would be life-changing.