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New Forensic Tools Can Spot Illegally Traded Exotic Birds with a Single Feather

Animals which are critically endangered in the wild, are becoming increasingly common sights in pet markets around the world. New tools may help the authorities separate the captive-bred from those snatched from the wild.

Seychelles NGO Turns Their Endangered Magpie-Robins Into Digital, Tradable – and Hopefully Valuable – Collectibles

Adopting animals to aid conservation is nothing new. However, a nature conservancy in the Seychelles is taking the concept even further - and bringing it into the 21st century. They have used the power of the blockchain to create the world’s first ‘digital species’.

Nathan Rupert

Sing Like Birds – Be a Bird Song Hero

Gamification means not only fun, but helps birdwatchers to be a bird-song singing hero starting from square one, so as to imitate the sounds, melodies and pitches in a visualised and auditory way.