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 RayMorris1

Citizen Birdwatchers Join Kenya Bird Map Project

Kenya, a country only the size of Texas, has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa. In the past, birdwatchers in Kenya could find birds and interpret the significance of field observations only by reading ‘A Bird Book of Kenya’ written by Adrian Lewis, which recorded 1,065 species of birds in the country though most data were pretty outdated and recorded 30 years ago. Read on

 Green Map System

Go 'Green Map' Your Community

A global movement that involves more than 800 communities across 65 countries, Green Map is an interactive online mapping platform that enables me and you and ordinary global citizens to become mapmakers and explore green living, nature, social and cultural sites in a city, a village, or a neighborhood; put them online on a map, share it worldwide and even publish it Read on