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BEEHAVE: Protecting Honey Bees with Better Understanding

BEEHAVE simulates the development of a honey bee colony - including its nectar and pollen foraging behaviour—under various conditions.

MARS: A Watchful Eye Over Freshwater in Europe

Land use changes, such as deforestation, and intensive agricultural practices are two of the greatest drivers of biodiversity loss, and while human activities have been changing the face of the earth pretty much since we set foot upon it, the current speed and intensity of change are not giving nature the time it needs to regenerate itself.

India’s Abandoned Villages Have New Residents

Just over a month ago, the village of Ramdegi was completely relocated to reduce conflict between humans and animals. In that short timespan, biodiversity has already begun to flourish.

Campaigners Launch ‘Leave me Alone’ to Protect Bengal Tigers

The fight to protect India's dwindling Bengal tiger population received a handy leg up recently with the introduction of the 'Leave Me Alone' campaign, a joint initiative of Sanctuary Asia and Facebook group Save the Tiger.