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Make Hunger History For Just 40 Cents a Click

Three years ago, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, launched the Zero Hunger Challenge. Since then, numerous initiatives have been set up that together represent a unique global movement to end hunger. Now the UN's World Food Programm (WFP) has come up with yet another way to encourage even more people to get involved: a simple app. Read on

 Aamir Choudhry

Soil Matters in the Digital World

A smartphone application SoilWeb, developed by the UC Davis California Soil Resource Lab, is providing people in the field with up-to-date information about soil. Whether you are a farmer, a researcher, an engineer, an ecologist, a gardener or you are simply curious about this ubiquitous yet underrated resource called soil, upon which all human life depends, then this app is for you. Read on

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This Mobile App is Literally Providing ‘Himmat’ to Women in Delhi

Every new harassment incident against women in Delhi makes us realise that the capital city of India still is not a safe space for women more than two years after the horrific rape of a woman on a bus that made headlines around the world. However, numerous actions and programs that have been launched since then show the tide is changing somewhat.  Read on

Malaria Diagnosis Without Any Prick

Matibabu, smartphone-based system which uses special kind of light and sensor (no need of a blood test), is all that is required to diagnose malaria. The hardware does not require any pricking of the body and consists of red LED and a light sensor. Users insert a finger into the device, the system scans the finger and the results can be viewed on a smartphone.  Read on

 Wayan Vota

iScuela, a Self Learning Platform for Kids

Technology often seems like the biggest promise of education for all in the future – shiny tablets in classrooms, MOOCs opening out learning where quality teachers are scarce and interactivity that can engage children’s imaginations and break down education barriers. A pre-cursor to being able to leverage the leap in technology however is good, interesting content. Read on