Start Up Energy Transition Award: Last Week To Apply!

Calling all budding green energy entrepreneurs! There's still time to apply for the Start Up Energy Transition Award.

Author Marisa Pettit, 01.25.17

Calling all budding green energy entrepreneurs! There’s still time to apply for the Start Up Energy Transition Award.

A complete overhaul of our current fossil-fuel based energy system, towards something based on clean, green, renewable energy solutions, is often presented as a key change needed to slow global warming and minimize the negative impacts of climate change. Germany is one of many countries that is currently transitioning from traditional coal and nuclear power sources to new, low carbon, environmentally sustainable and affordable energy supplies. And it’s not just the responsibility of governments and industry: startups with innovative business models and concrete projects in the field of energy transition also have their part to play.

The Start Up Energy Transition Award is an initiative developed by the Germany Energy Agency (dena) that aims to recognize and award the “visionaries and vanguards” fighting against climate change, and support them in making their visions a success. It brings together over 70 partners from more than 25 countries, including development agencies and public sector organizations.

Prizes are awarded in the following six categories:

  • Urban Energy Transition
  • Mobility meets Energy Transition
  • Cleantech against Climate Change
  • Platforms and Communities
  • Future Production & Manufacturing
  • Special Prize: Sustainable Energy for All – Start Up SDG 7

The top 3 start-ups in each category will be invited to the awards ceremony, held at the Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival in Berlin, on 20th of March 2017. As well as receiving the opportunity to share their visions and business models with other innovators from around the world, they also get the chance to meet with potential investors and partners, an even nominate one person they would like to meet with while they are in Berlin – the organizers will do their best to make it happen!

The Start Up Energy Transition Award is currently accepting applications – from applicants around the world – until the 31st of January 2017.

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