In a globalised world, our problems are interconnected. Your car is linked to oil pollution, your mobile phone to the civil war in Africa. How can we accept collective responsibility?

The internet creates new opportunities to connect on a global level to start tackling the problems that concern all of us. There are local initiatives waiting for you right on your doorstep.

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News RESET for WED Campaign - Results and Future Steps

World Environment Day celebrates positive environmental action that involves everyone, everywhere. We were thrilled with how well this was reflected in the RESET for World Environment Day campaign. Participants were able to highlight the agency we all possess in addressing the environmental issues that concern us all. Read on

News RESET for WED Campaign Submissions

We present to you the gallery of images we have been able to collect thanks to all the Resetters who submitted a picture for our RESET for World Environment Day campaign. We are deeply touched by the commitments made, the creativity shown and the heartwarming concern displayed from all corners of the globe. Have a peek, become inspired and take part - we are eager to see more! Read on

Organisation GOOD

GOOD is a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress. is the platform for collaboration amongst members of the GOOD community and the organizations and corporations that work with the GOOD community. Read on