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Work With A Purpose: Would You Bet Your Life on It?

“I have seen the Boston Red Sox win the World Cup. Twice. So don’t tell me this is impossible, it’s just hard” – Joe Cirincione, Ploughshares Fund, at the 2013 Skoll World Forum for social enterprise. Read on

Tetra Pak

Project Search by Tetra Pak

There is a ray of light, hope for change. Organisations like Tetra Pak, arguably one of the main contributors to waste as a result of its product packaging, has taken up a project "Project SEARCH" which aims to create awareness by talking to students, making them 'Green Agents of Change' and instilling in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Read on


More Than Likes and Bytes: Online Activism

The perceived apathy of participants in today's technology-driven social campaigns has given birth to derisive terms such as slacktivism and clicktivism. The ubiquity of these terms is glossing over the rather pivotal role that technology can play in proliferating social causes. We chat with Halabol about technology and activism. Read on

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The Petition Tradition

One of the most basic forms of everyday activism, petitioning, has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the top tools used for spreading a message and getting governments and corporations to listen to the public. Read on